What is the oddest style habit you’ve picked up from a celebrity?

A part of most of our personal styles is affected by celebrity influence (duh, I know), what’s intriguing is just how much of it it is, and has been for years. While many people pick out their favourite looks from their celebrity idols and tailor them to suit their own personal style, some are such stans, they basically adopt the personal style favourite celebrities as a whole, resulting in a lot of embarrassing style choices.

I went through every single style phase with all of my favourite celebrities, almost all at once, it was impossible for my parents to keep up. I wore a band aid under my eye for the longest time after discovering Nelly, my brother’s baseball hat with the bill turned up for two days (because that’s how long my mum allowed it) when I decided I was in love with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, wore stockings with every single outfit I owned after watching Clueless, and deciding that Cher Horowitz was my spirit animal and used red lip liner with my clear Wet ‘n’wild lip-gloss when Nollywood actresses started rocking that look.

I won’t go into what exactly I did when going through my Ja Rule and LL Cool J phase, because my reputation is at stake, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has picked up a couple of odd style habits from favourite celebrities.

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