TSS Hot List: Top 6 Trends That Are So Hot Right Now

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With so many trends coming and going, keeping up can be a little tiring. We’ve got you covered though!

Here’s 6 top trends every fashionista is currently in on.


1. Bomber Jacket

Bomber 2

My all time favorite piece right now, the bomber jacket can do no wrong. It’s so easy to drape on and it doesn’t make you look too serious.

2. Off-shoulder

Off-Shoulder 1

This comes in various types, styles and patterns; bottom line is that you flaunt your shoulders. Although this seems like a casual trend, it can also look professional if paired or worn in the right way.

3. Cut-outs

Playsuit 2The play suit is such a summer piece! It is the perfect replacement of a dress or skirt.

4. Ripped

CutOuts Ripped

Ripped also referred to as Distressed is more pronounced in denims. While most denims come already ripped, some folks like to rip theirs themselves the way they’d rather it be. The trick to slaying this trend is to keep it edgy and stylish. Do not overdo it so you do not end up looking very distressed – except of course, that’s the exact look you are going for.

5. Linen

Off-Shoulder 2


6. Mesh

Mesh Ripped OffSh 2


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