What’s your favourite body part?

When someone asks what part of the body we like the least, we are always quick to answer. We don’t even have to think twice about it, because we spend so much time dwelling and obsessing over just how much we dislike whatever part(s) it might be and the ways we could change it. But what part(s) of your body, do you love the most? We asked these five women.


Lol I think it’s my eyes? My boyfriend says he fell in love with them before he fell in love with the rest of me. I like the colour I guess, they are a lighter brown than most people, and larger too.


My teeth. I wore braces for most of my childhood and teenage years. Now when I look at my teeth, I’m grateful my parents made me wear them (braces).


This is a little silly. I love the birth mark above my upper lip, it’s a small dark mole that looks like those beauty spots actresses used to draw on, I think it makes me look prettier.


My hands. My friends always tell me I have an artist’s hands, my fingers are long and slender and actually look a little fragile, but I love my hands.


It has to be my hair, I have nice long healthy hair that only grows longer each time I cut it. I never use weaves or braids.

What of you guys? What’s yours?


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