Who says you can’t meet your partner at age 7? |Read Bolaji & Tayo’s beautiful story

Bolaji and Tayo are not only helpmates but soulmates.

They met each other at age 7, yup, you read that right.


Short introduction about bride and groom which includes occupation

Bride: Omotayo Taiwo is a creative fashion designer that took after her mum profession but redefined it with her unique touch. She completed her primary and secondary school here in Nigeria before leaving for the UK to join her family. While she was there, not only did she complete her first degree in Arts Management at London South Bank University but also took her fashion dreams with equal priority. She started her fashion brand at the age of 21 while studying. Fashion tutors like London College of Fashion, Morley College and Waze Couture can be given credit to for the skills she gathered over the years that brought about Fragile Couture Designs. Second of a family of five and a role model to many young ladies around her both in Nigeria and overseas. Omotayo is highly resourceful and industrious, always full of energy and there’s never a dull moment around her, she’s outgoing and spontaneous too.


Groom: Bolaji Bello an exceedingly humble young man, very hardworking with a thoughtful mind. He works as a system support engineer for CWG. He bagged his first degree in Computer Information Systems from Babcock University and currently running his Master’s program with University of Liverpool. His the first in the family of three and reliable brother to his sisters. Bolaji is a quiet and reserve guy, very easy to communicate with as he possess a great listening hears and not judgemental. Daring to his friends and associates.


Their love story:

We both attended same primary school and secondary school. Although I completed the senior class of secondary school in another school but we were reunited after we both finished secondary schools in 2005. While I would say, I had always seen Omotayo as my ‘sister’ and a family friend having completed primary school together, behold what I came across after secondary school. Grown from that little girl I used to know to a black and beauty damsel. Quickly I made my intentions known but I wasn’t taken seriously and we had something I will call a “low key” relationship till she traveled out of the country in 2006.


Her departure should have given the relationship a sour ending but instead intensified it. I recall sitting at the school cyber-café waiting for her to come online while I was meant to be in a class and the amount of recharge cards I purchased just to hear her voice. Her queens English gives me goose bumps then on phone and there was this momentum I gathered then that only assured me to continue that this is my wife. We were still young then but I had that conviction in me, funny isn’t it?

The thought of a pet name other than her first name and the usual like baby, honey arose and I came up with Fragile. In my own definition, I see her as someone that should be handled with care, you know how you handle a glass cup among others?


What keeps you guys going during challenges?

I’ve had a conviction long time ago despite the long distance between us for years. I recall us going our separate ways in December 2010 after some recommendations to the relationship couldn’t be realised. We somehow found ourselves back together in March 2013. I guess when you love someone, you’re not supposed to have a reason for loving him or her. You’re supposed to love them unconditionally. So I belief that the strong bond that we share has helped us thus far despite our differences and unforeseen challenges. Destiny I would say is responsible for this but I know when there is a target, you do all possible means to achieve it.

Kindly share the most exciting moment you’ve had while dating

Omotayo’s home coming in October 2014 took me by surprise and I couldn’t contain the joy in me when I saw her that sunny afternoon in Ibadan. Finally re-uniting with her after 8 years of been apart, I was overwhelmed with nervousness I could even look her in the eyes or hold her hands, I lost my appetite for food for a week, couldn’t get myself to eat next to her. It was an unforgettable moment.


Are you engaging the services of a wedding planner? If yes or no, why?

Response: No, too many people around doing one thing or the other towards the wedding success. Omotayo has a cousin that checks her every weekend for her to do list towards the wedding and they both sit to cross check the list. Also, she’s a good planner herself and she will not let me rest until my list of to dos are ticked done.

How did you know your spouse was the right person for you?

Response: maybe I’ve answered this before now but let me say again that destiny brought us together. When we started this journey then, I didn’t know we will end up tying the knots but there was this burning fire of desire for each other while she was away and when she equally returned back to Nigeria. And the feeling of contentment whenever am around her, I know that I would be happy spending the rest of my life with her


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