That time I put my weave in a pot of boiling water

First things first, I promise I’m not crazy, putting your weave in a pot of boiling hot water is actually a legit way of giving it permanent curls. And so I tried it out two months ago and the results were rather surprising.


I had two bundles of an old weave I had grown tired off, so I didn’t mind experimenting. The weave had always been in loose waves, but with time those waves had become even looser, and I was looking for a way to put in semi-permanent curls -because rolling hair every night is stress.

I stumbled on the boiling method tutorial, while looking for the contact details of a salon that was supposed to be good at that sort of thing and I thought I wasn’t crazy enough to try it. By the time I got through to the salon and they asked me to pay such a ridiculous price, the boiling method didn’t seem so crazy to me any more.

The tutorial instructed me to put my weave into rollers in the size of my desired curl pattern, and put them in a pot of boiling water, which was to also contain some conditioner and olive oil -to avoid drying out, and leave it to boil for a minimum of two hours. For some reason I left it for three, before bringing it out, after which I left it to dry properly with the rollers on.

After I took out the rollers, the curls were there sure enough but I was worried about just how much damage I had done to my weave. Turned out there was actually no damage, I had put in a ton of olive oil and conditioner when I was boiling it, and ended up having to wash the weave twice before using it with it’s new curl pattern.

Two months on, and the curls are still as tight as when I first carried out my little experiment. I’m waiting to try out the method on another weave before I pass my final judgment. But for now if you have some bundles of old weave you’ve grown tired of, you might want to try this out to revamp it.


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