Why walk or dance into your wedding reception when you can use these 13 grand entry options | Ashere Jitu

This brazen Abuja bride arrived in her very own Keke Napep, love it!

pic via @oluwatobii

Scooters and helmets anyone?

pic via @sammechristie4

This wholesome couple came in with a vintage bicycle

pic via @aceofevents

Super dreamy, this bride floated in suspended by 250 balloons!

pic via @wedluxe

This boss bride drove herself in with a 4×4 jeep wrangler.

pic via @uniqueevents_bytsr

In honour of superbowl Sunday these football fans came in full gear

pic via @toopesevents

Cinderella’s carriage, need we say more?

pic via @boisderoses

Kiddie car entrance, super cute!

pic via @pseventful

This couple came in suspended in a spherical gold cage, beautiful!

pic via @weddingdream

This hilarious couple came in wearing sumo wrestling suits!

pic via @chooksy_brooxy

Chopper baby, enough said!

pic via @rachelswritings

This beautiful couple came in on a Venetian style gondola

pic via @dinosaurjames

When your groomsmen are fire-fighters you know someone is getting picked up

pic via @kortophoto

Written by Ashere Jitu and was first published on Sugar Weddings.
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