Why you cannot (and shouldn’t) do without a red thong

Or at least sexy underwear if thongs are not your thing.

A lot of ladies underestimate the power of sexy underwear, and no not just for your partner but also for yourself.

We spend so much on clothes and makeup, but when it comes to underwear there is a tendency to just wing it. And this was me for a while. I had the cotton granny panties, those white ones that you can drag up all the way to your belly button. They used to drive my boyfriend crazy. So I compromised and bought a couple of weird lacy things that I considered good enough because I wasn’t ready to drop money for the good stuff. Anyway my boyfriend stopped complaining, I guess he just sort of got used to it and I continued buying my underwear from Balogun.

One day I was visiting a friend and she had a guest who was showing her some lingerie. I quickly unlooked when I heard the prices. But somehow,-after more than a few glasses of wine actually,- I went home with three pairs of matching bras and panties, made from lace that didn’t look like polyester. Shame at how much I had spent on them made me dump then in a bag behind the closet, I didn’t want a daily reminder of why I was going to be broke for the next month especially since it was on such a stupid stupid thing.

One weekend, while cleaning out my closet, I came across my bag of shame and decided to actually try on the lingerie. The moment I looked at myself in the mirror I knew there was no going back. I was about to be hooked. I actually looked sexy, even if I must say so myself.

I was seeing my body in a whole new light. The colour and fit of the underwear, the way it moulded my body and complemented my curves made me ridiculously happy. I dressed up and headed out immediately (to see bae of course) and even though I was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans, I felt like I was wearing Chanel.

Such is the power of a great pair of underwear.


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