11life saving uses of Vaseline

We only remember where we keep our Vaseline stash when it’s harmattan season, or when we get a burn. Most times, while shopping for our beauty products, we hardly pick up Vaseline. But there are so many beauty problems we go through daily that we don’t realize Vaseline could solve easily. These are a couple of them

  1. Remove your falsies. These can be a pain sometimes but vaseline works like magic on them.
  2. Grow your eyelashes. I am a little skeptical about this one but so many people swear by it. Have you tried it, did it work?
  3. For chapped lips (but I think we all knew this one.)
    This should never be you
    This should never be you.
  4. As a brow gel. It’s never going to stay on as long as usual brow gels but it could do the work for a couple of hours.
  5. Mix in a little sugar and it makes a bomb ass lip scrub (yes they are a thing). Most people don’t realize that just like the rest of our body, there are dead skin cells on our lips that need scrubbing off too.
  6. Rub on your pulse points before putting on your perfume. I do this all the time to make the perfume last longer. I might just be imagining it but I am pretty sure it works.
  7. You can use it as a face cream because it is noncomedogenic (fancy word for it won’t block your pores.)
  8. Get chewing gum out of your hair. I bet this tip would have come in handy in secondary school.
  9. Mix it with some of your eye-shadow to create a blush or some lipstick (think about the endless colour possibilities.)
  10. Polish your leather shoes and bags, but I am pretty sure you knew this one already.
  11. Makeup remover, especially those eye-shadows that never seem to want to come off.
  12. It helps with dandruff. We all know dandruff is as a result of dry scalps, Vaseline helps lock in some moisture.
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