The 5 reasons your blow dryer is ruining your hair

After washing your hair, the best thing for it is usually to leave it to air dry. Nobody has time for that, so using a blow dryer is both easier and faster. But using a blow drier can be quite damaging for our hair. If you must use a blow drier on your hair, you should probably go through this list.

  1. Don’t blow dry your hair, while it is still soaking wet. Either wait a bit for it to drip dry or use a towel to absorb some of the moisture.
  2. Start drying your hair at the roots, instead of at the tips. By the time the roots and middle part of your hair are dried, there’ll hardly be any need to dry the tips, which would most likely cause split ends.
  3. Always use the nozzle that comes with your drier. When you don’t use a nozzle your hair dries looking all frizzed out.
    This little guy
    This little guy
  4. Section your hair into about four parts, and take your time drying it out. Blasting heat at it for fifteen minutes straight is the reason you hair is getting damaged. Always take a little break after drying each section.
  5. Stop buying the cheap ones that do not regulate the heat well enough. Spend money on a pretty good one, you only need to buy it once anyway.
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