With This Ring: A New Dimension To Wedding Invitations

Hullo Ladies;

I have seen and received a ton of wedding invitations in my adult life, some of them have been creative in their own way. None however have taken a daring route like these ones I have selected. If you’re the quirky or the fun type- you might just enjoy these.
You might want to be extra unique or have a special theme for your wedding that reaches out to invitations as well. Chuck the gold and purple and scrolls and boring old four corner papers and try something different. Do something people aren’t used to. Take a look and prepare to be inspired!


How about a scratch card invite to reveal the date of your big day? Of course there’s more in for at the back – and the name of the invited guest if you like.


If you’re a book lover like me- this is for you and or your spouse to be. Wouldn’t it be lovely to send your guests your invitation on the inside of a beautiful book. *bigsmile*


‘Pencil Us In’ A play on words is a fab idea for a wedding invite.


This might only work or be fun if your guests have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You can charm the guests by sending them a chocolate bar with the invitation as seen in the pic above or on a Golden Ticket inside the bar. How cool is that?  *munchmunch* *yum*


How about a pull out invite as another fun and inventive way of inviting your friends and family! – Really. How about it?


I absolutely loved this modern day ‘message in a bottle’ when I saw this. It would work perfectly if you’re having a beach themed wedding. At an actual beach ladies.


Using typography to tell the story of how you and your future hubby met can be an adorable idea and also adds a personal spin on the invitation. Especially if you’re strictly inviting close family, friends and colleagues.


Perhaps if you’re having a destination wedding you could use invitations that look like passports? How about it?


Or even invites designed to look like plane tickets.


What about a simple flow chart invite. More up your street?


How about a very clever invite that literally lets your guests know you’re ‘tying the knot’! *winkwink*


Very different and creative idea of using thumb prints to create a heart! Simple and effective. Of course the very last bit of who asked who is very optional.


If you’re getting married around Christmas time it would be so beautiful to have an invitation in a ball ball! All of the details can be carefully typed up and stuffed inside the ball for the guests to pull out and read! It would make a gorgeous keep sake of a memory to hang on the tree too!


Invites with a fun RSVP are always a great laugh and would be brilliant to display them on the day too! I can only imagine the comical replies this couple got back.


Well! there you have it. Hope you enjoyed it.



Everything beautiful.

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