3 things we learnt from Wizkid’s Vogue interview

Vogue and Wizkid, two words you would never expect to end up in the same sentence. But trust us, in fashion things you think will never happen, become all the rage in two years.

Believe it or not, someone at Vogue has had an eye on Nigeria’s burgeoning pop music scene and the influence it holds over the fashion tastes of Africa’s most populous nation. And even this is unsurprising as brands like Orange Culture, Lisa Folawiyo, Deola Sagoe and Tiffany Amber have become house hold names internationally, popping up in international magazines every other month.

Anyhow, Vogue has officially crowned Ayo Balogun, better known as Wizkid, Nigeria’s most fashionable pop star. The fashion bible followed their proclamation with an interview on their website. This is every pop starlet’s dream as Vogue’s reach is extensive, if not immeasurable.

In the interview conducted with Vogue correspondent Alex Frank over Skype, we got a glimpse of a Wizkid many probably have never noticed and learned a few things too.


Source: Vogue.com

I know we’re all used to seeing Wizkid in designer duds, but Wizkid didn’t start that way. Ojuelegba is just a stone’s throw away from the Yaba second hand market, one of the biggest thrift markets in Nigeria. If Wizkid isn’t ashamed to say he wore thrift clothing, why should you? It makes far more sense to get used quality material than fast fashion clothing that literally falls apart the minute you put them on.


Billionaire Boys Club, the designer street wear line owned by Pharrell Williams is known for making stage costumes for several influential musicians including N.E.R.D, Snoop Dogg and Childish Gambino andWizkid is about to join that exclusive club. Though we’re not exactly pleased Wizkid is outsourcing such a valuable opportunity to showcase Nigerian streetwear designers, we are pleased that he is the first pop star actually putting thought into this, and with his clout and influence, we are sure this will have a ripple effect.


This we are totally unsurprised by. International celebrities seem to be doing it, though in their case, what they have is more of a licensing deal, where their name and image is used as the lure to entice buyers to buy into a luxury brand or label. In Wizkid’s case, he’ll probably be at the helm of the designing- which might be a very bad thing if he doesn’t actually hire proper designers with experience to handle the actual design+ fabrication,- aspects of the process. But this is something we have campaigned for at the Other Style.

Pop Stars like Wizkid might be the difference between a brand floating or sinking, and we’d love to see what his influence does to a brand.

This makes us a little confused though, Ike Ude’s list best dressed Lagosian men doesn’t include Wizkid. Who is then wrong, Vogue US or Vogue Italia?

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