8 work appropriate style tips for the hot weather

Is it just me, or has Lagos just become unbelievably hot? The kind of hot that makes you want to lounge at home naked all day. In spite of the sweltering weather, some employers still want you to come to work in cooperate clothes like suits.

Here are some style tips to help you survive the weather without upsetting your boss (too much at least).

  1. Wear slits. Instead of going for shorter hemlines with your skirts and dresses, avoid your boss’s wrath altogether and wear clothes with inconspicuously placed slits. They have the effect of looking work appropriate as well as easing up the discomfort from the heat.
    image1xxl (2)
  2. Instead of blazers, get a couple of light cotton sweaters in sober colours like black and grey. That way you don’t get sarcastic comments from your boss like “Is it your birthday?”
    image1xxl (3)
  3. If you must wear black get something in a light fabric and loose cut.
  4. Culottes. I know you are tired of seeing this pop up all over the blog, but they are definitely our fave this year. The wide and cropped hemlines will definitely help keep you cool all day.
    image1xxl (1)
  5. Invest in semi formal looking shirt dresses like this one. No matter how conservative your boss might be, he won’t be able to complain.
  6. You can actually go for shorter hemlines, not short enough to be able to pop into Escape right after work though. The trick about doing shorter hemlines for work is to buy loose cuts. So you could try skater dresses, shift dresses and the likes.
    image4xxl (1)
  7. Longline vests. Instead of the usual blazer, you could opt for this. The longline vest is essentially a blazer without sleeves, only way more comfortable than a regular blazer.
  8. Switch your usual work shoes for mules. They are way more comfortable, won’t give you sweaty feet and are totally office appropriate.
    image1xxl (4)

P.S: All outfits are available on Asos (which ships free to Nigeria by the way), if you can brave the current foreign exchange rates.

May the force be with you.

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