Yemi Alade’s Mama Africa deluxe album cover is giving us major hair envy

The latest pop star to lay claim to the ‘Mama Africa’ title, Nigerian singer Yemi Alade is making good on her proclamations with an album that has kept us on our feet. But even more than the music, is Yemi Alade’s amazing style evolution which has seen her go from mimicking Beyonce’s iconic style to becoming a fashion icon in her own right. Continuing her domination of the dual music and fashion worlds, Yemi Alade recently released the cover art for the deluxe release of her sophomore album Mama Africa. 

Yemi Alade

This gorgeous faux-hawk afro created by the maestro behind @Bernardsmiless is easily the most imaginative hair do we’ve seen any post-modern Nigerian musician create for an album cover.

Yemi A 2

Just look at it! Flawless from every angle; the quintessential crown. We’ve come a long way from Yemi Alade’s first forays into music where we got album art like this…

That lip colour... nuh uh.
That lip colour… nuh uh.

But this isn’t the first time that Yemi has upped the game so spectacularly. We’ve created a small list of our favorite Yemi Alade album art, chosen for the ingenuity of her make up and hair choices. Here we go.

King of Queens
King of Queens

In a period when all the pop starlets were comfortable lugging around pounds of brazilian hair on their album art, Yemi revolutionzed the game with the art for her first album King of Queens. The hair also done by @Bernardsmiless and the gorgeous golden make up had people talking for months.

King of Queens Deluxe
King of Queens Deluxe

Just when we thought she couldn’t top herself, she did with this lush art work for the deluxe limited edition release of King of Queens. On any one else, that much gold would come off as tacky, but Yemi Alade elevates the look by sheer force of will, radiating magnetic charm.

Bow to her, everyone. You know you want to.

Yemi A kissing


Kissing showed us a softer side of Yemi Alade and introduced us to her now instantly recognizable braid pompadour. With @bernardsmiless on her side, she showed us she could do soft as well as she does glamorous.

Mama Africa
Mama Africa

Yemi A new

TheMama Africa album art is Yemi Alade at her least glamorous yet she is at her most powerful. Stripped of the high octane make up and rocking just four afro-puffs, Yemi Alade translates resilience and strength and a pan-African-ness that made us long for the album.

With these many home runs, we know Yemi will always bring it.

Hail Mama Africa!

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