Yomi Casual’s White Shirt Editorial features Munachi Abii and little else.

I’ve more than had my fill of the ‘design’ label Yomi Casual, which is basically comedian A.Y’s brother’s attempt at ‘high fashion’. I’m tired of his usual unimaginative gimmick of cramming A.Y’s socialite friends into his editorials and hoping that somehow the flash of their collective popularity will somehow dazzle us into thinking that his clothes are little more than the regular kaftans our tailors can cobble together in six short hours. I am even tired of the Lekki store front facade, as though situating your store in Lagos’s fancy swamp somehow makes it luxurious, but I digress.

Because predictably and yet without rhyme or reason, Yomi Casual has put out yet another underwhelming editorial. This one called the ‘White Shirt’ editorial features former beauty queen and media personality Munachi Abii, one of the brand’s long time collaborators. Well, as far editorials go this was pretty literal, because all Munachi did was pose ‘sultrily’ in a white shirt. And even that they couldn’t get right, because there were black shirts too.

I felt seriously cheated, having to spend my data to look at munachii in her underwear. They might as well have gone all out and done a lingerie shoot, that might have at least had some emotional value to me. Not to mention that Yomi, the designer behind the label conveniently inserted himself into the editorial, even though he has zero chemistry with Munachi and zero skill as a model.

Can you designers please stay in your studios and leave the modelling to actual models? Can you?

Photo Credits
Model: Munachi Abii, Yomi Makun
Photographer: Ayo Alasi
MUA: D’artiste by Dodos
Designer/Stylist: Yomi Casual
Store Location: Yomi Casual Studios, 16, Caroline Atuonah, Off Durosinmi Etti Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

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