Your handy guide to the many concealer colours

For anyone new to  makeup, concealer shopping can be a little bit confusing. Why are there so many colours? Asides from the regular  skin tone colours, there are green, white, pink, yellow, orange and purple concealers. Obviously no human being comes in those complexions, so what exactly are they used for?

Concealers do exactly what the name implies, they help conceal everything from dark circles to zits -yeah I know you have that part figured out-. The ones in regular skin tones are usually used to highlight, here’s what the coloured ones are for.

  1. Green: These are perfect for covering up red spots and pimples, as green neutralizes the colour red on the colour wheel.
  2. White: Most people generally try to avoid using white concealers, because you can come off looking pale and ghost like. But they can be used for highlighting with people who have lighter skin tones.
  3. Orange: People with darker skin tones use it to cover dark spots and dark circles on their face. It also helps correct hyper pigmentation with the skin.
  4. Purple: Purple is directly across from yellow on the colour wheel, so people with yellow pasty skin use it to give their skin a nicer healthier glow or cover up unwanted yellow spots.
  5. Pink: This works best with olive skin tones, to cover up dark eye circles and brighten up the eye area.
  6. Yellow: I mentioned before how purple and yellow are opposite each other on the colour chart, so yellow is perfect for covering up purple or blue bruises.
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