Dr. Sanusi Umar Releases Advanced Hair Transplant Technology, Disrupts Industry

After a number of delays in production, a promising new hair transplant technology has been made available to all hair transplant providers.

This technology, called the Dr.UGraft System™, has been eagerly awaited by many in the industry.

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) hair transplant is often regarded as a highly specialized procedure, in which practitioners extract donor hair follicles individually before grafting them onto bald areas.

Creator Dr. Sanusi Umar, a dermatologic surgeon in Los Angeles, spent the last few years ensuring quality and user-friendliness. In the past, providers have been able to acquire the extraction tools (known as punches) but never before has the entire system, complete with the Dr.UGraft Nurture handpiece and Revolution Console been made available–until now.

Doctors around the world have been anticipating this release, as creator Dr. Umar (aka Dr. U) and team have travelled to workshops around the world, showing the capabilities of the system during live surgery. Even with just the punches, such as the Intelligent Punch (patent-pending), practitioners have already noticed improvements in ease of extraction and the quality of hair grafts. Coming this week, providers can pick up the complete system at the ISHRS annual congress in Hollywood, CA on Oct. 10-14 at booth #61.

Previously, hair transplant technology has been dominated by complicated, intimidating systems. The Dr.UGraft™ System departs from this convention. According to Dr. U, “The beauty lies in its simplicity. The system comes with already optimized settings that intuitively guides the provider to the most appropriate setting/mode specific to the skin type of the patient on the table.” With this system, providers have the power to deliver consistent, universal results for all skin and hair types with no exceptions. It also enables access to all donor (head, beard, body) areas with no exceptions. This is a boon for all patients, especially those who are severely bald and in need of more grafts, and patients of African heritage who hitherto were forced to resort to linear-scar causing hair transplant procedures.

With the Dr.UGraft Revolution Console and Nurture handpiece, the wait is finally over. The system is made to enhance the core functions of the Intelligent Punch, such as depth control, alignment correction and self –navigation mode of use. According to Dr U, “Many have likened the shape of our punch to a Bazooka. However, a bazooka is not self-navigating. I prefer the term Tomahawk which is a self-guiding missile.”

The Dr.UGraft System uniquely occupies the position of the only FUE system which hydrates grafts still in the body to support their survival. This same hydration system also lubricates the punch to further enhance several of its intelligent attributes. Furthermore, it is the only FUE system with a hands-free method of rescuing grafts that are impacted in the lumen of the punch, thus earning the hand-piece the name “Dr.UGraft Nurture.” With the use of foot pedals, scored grafts impacted within the walls of the punch are rescued via this fluid system.

Asked about the time in between the release of the punches and now, Dr. Umar replied, “I am sorry to have kept practitioners waiting. My hope is that now, with the complete system, providers have all they need to thrive in a competitive market, without sacrificing the quality of their results.”

Dr.UGraft is proudly made in the USA. The complete system is available for purchase on ugraft.com.

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