5 Take-Aways From Otegha Uwabga Girl Boss Feature in Marie Claire 

Founder of Women Who, author of modern career guide Little Black Book and brand consultant Otegha Uwabga was included on the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

by Rae Ogbu

This 27-years-old entrepreneur has inspired loads of women to take charge of their career journey including work-life balance.

In Otegha Uwabga’s most recent media feature in Marie Claire Magazine, she dished out some valuable tools we should arm ourselves within a business environment. People are calling it a game changer.

The first lesson is to use your unique character traits to your advantage when stepping into a business environment, social media is good to connect but face to face interaction is still more powerful so approach people with the good traits you have.

Try to evaluate yourself like you were meeting yourself for the first time. It’s putting yourself in a third person perspective and ask, what would they find if they were googling you. Clean up your social media and LinkedIn accounts.

Every experience whether good or bad is an experience to learn. “The years I spent working in advertising  helped me understand branding and how to communicate with an audience.” When making a big career decision make sure it’s for the right reasons and not because everyone is doing it.

Don’t expect everyone to cheer you on. You might post something great on social media and even your close friends and family would not press the like button which might get you eggy but you have to train yourself to move past it. Be prepared for rejection and stay focused through it all.

Finally, be open to changing your course if things don’t go as planned. Obviously, most speakers say stick to it and try try again, however, Uwagba points out how she applied so jobs over and over again and never got it.
She recalls that she got through to the final 75 of a top graduate scheme but flawed the interview and saw the position go to a good friend who now has a great career. “Today, I know it wouldn’t have been right form me. Things turned out fine in the end.”

Otegha Uwabga
Otegha Uwabga
Otegha Uwagba is a writer, brand consultant, founder of Women Who, and author of modern career guide Little Black Book.
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