This $250,000 nail polish may be worth all your money

Manicure goes way beyond nail painting and grooming for women who have become dedicated to it. For many of them, it is a form of self-expression and it comes as no surprise that they go extra miles to get it done, and well.

For every woman who loves to tend to her nails and can afford to spend as much on it, we appreciate you; but we have a quick question: how much of your hard-earned naira are you willing to let go of for a nail polish?

Now, let’s put this in context! Will you enthusiastically spend over 90 million naira on a nail polish? LOL! Maybe we should have kept that question to ourselves; but this is not a mind game.

Luxury jeweller coutourier, Azature Pogosian has launched an extremely luxurious nail polish brand that costs $250,000, essentially about N92 million. The seemingly ridiculous price of the nail polish is justified by its content – 267 carats of real black diamond. Pogosian who is famous for specialising in black diamond is using the nail polish “to preserve the elegance of the black diamond”.

Purchasing the Azature nail polish comes with a special manicure service by celebrity nail stylists who have mastered the delicate art of applying the lacquer. The service comes at a much fairer cost of about £22,000, approximately N11 million in Nigerian naira.

While we leave this luxury to the celebrities and the rich and famous to deal with, we’ll be on our way making a list of everything else we can purchase with that outrageous amount – an aircraft, a Range Rover, etcetera.

Here’s another look at the Azature nail polish in case you want to change your mind:

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