Mary J. Blige And LL Cool J’s Wife Collaborate For New Jewellery

Mary J. Blige and LL Cool J’s wife Simone I. Smith have teamed up to launch a Sister Love, a futuristic jewellry collaboration.

by Rae Ogbu

Released on Monday July 9, jewelry designer Simone I. Smith started her jewellry collection in 2011 after undergoing surgery for stage III Chondrosarcoma, a rare bone cancer.

“What made me want to work with Simone is she already created an amazingly successful jewellry line and all the pieces are things that I love, and she also has an amazing fashion sense,” said Blige via press release. “I wanted to add to that by sharing some of my fashion sense with her and creating some things I dream about and I know other women are dreaming about.”

We know Mary J is all about black love and family so its no surprise to see that the new accessories are a link to showing support for the community and celebrating the love that comes with sisterhood. “As women working together, it’s important to be able to adjust each other’s crowns, instead of tearing each other down,” said Smith. “We are working together with this collaboration to celebrate our friendship and successes and empower others from our strength of supporting each other.”

“We both support each other in everything we do. That includes the ways we can help each other grow from knowing the others strengths personally and professionally. We now get to experience a lot of firsts together and truly share in the vision and mission of our business SISTER LOVE.“ – Simone I. Smith & Mary J. Blige

Sister Love is a jewelry line inspired by the friendship of Simone I. Smith and Mary J. Blige. It’s a collection of designs that symbolizes strength, edge, style, and sassiness made in their support for each other and their love of statement pieces. Sister Love is based on the notion that Queens Rek-A-Nize Queens because we are stronger together. Simone and Mary believe working together shows other women the importance of supporting each other. The line was designed to inspire women to be strong, fearless, empowered and to “wear what you want…because you CAN!”

The line includes the ‘Queen Hoops Earrings as seen on them.

Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige

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