Six Reasons To Consider The Dramatic Sunglasses Vibe Like BBA Nina

VIP entry is a guaranteed entry into any club when you wear the right pair of dramatic sunglasses, yes even at night. You can tell the bouncer we said so.

Size and pattern matter when picking out sunglasses in 2018.

D&G Dramatic Sunglasses

A full face coverage is one way to go for a daytime look but we don’t mean foundation. Huge status glasses featuring stones and pearls from classic the aviators’ styles to hexagonals is currently in vogue. See for yourself- the DG sunglasses with crystal details retailing at N401,848 is adorned by these style influencers.

But also, on the flip side, pop culture icons like Beyonce, Bonang Matheba, Rihanna and Toke Makinwa are also trending in the micro sunglasses. Those are the ones to rock when the sun goes down because it’s more about the vibes than actual sun protection.

These minuscule shades have a distinct appearance- so to show you know your fashion, its best to go for the sleek angular shaped ones.

Transparent sunglasses just got interesting too and thank goodness for that. Now you can actually see where you are going in poor lighting.

The frames are also very interesting this year. From the classic green to the mirror aviator sunglasses with lenses in acid yellow and blue.

According to a Huffington Post article, the reason celebrities wear sunglasses inside is to shield yourself from prying eyes, prioritise style over convenience and generally give off a too-cool-for-light vibe. Does that sound like your kind of thing, then put them on jare.

So what’s the deal with sunglasses?

  1. A stellar pair of sunglasses can elevate even the most simple ensemble
  2. Dramatic sunglasses bring an introspective edge to your wardrobe.
  3. They are an impossibly chic way to hide those tired eyes and under eye bags.
  4. The right shape of sunglasses can enhance your facial features
  5. Not a lie, some people claim it has instantly changed their mood for the better
  6. Just look at the way it transforms Big Brother Nigeria Nina’s look from “girl next door” to superstar housemate.

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