4 brilliant ways to hide your thinning edges

So your edges just got snatched, either by Beyonce, or those impossibly tiny braids you got done last month, and it’s taking forever to grow them back out.

While waiting for your hairline to go back to what it used to be, you can’t always hide behind wigs and turbans, your hair needs to breathe too. So here are 4 brilliant ways to hide your thinning edges.

  1. Cover gray
    This lipstick like beauty product is actually meant for covering gray hair, but it could totally work for filling out your edges if you use the product alongside a toothbrush. Use an old toothbrush instead of a regular brush for precision. Put a bit of the product and swipe into the parts of your hairline, where you are missing hair. Blend in the product properly using both the brush and the tips of your fingers.
  2. Hair mascara 
    Hair mascara ultimately does the same job as cover gray, but it’s way easier to use. Since it comes with a mascara like brush you simply stroke on the product with the brush and you are good to go. Be careful not to go over board with it, so you don’t end up looking like this.
  3. Eyeshadow 
    If you are in a fix and don’t have any of the above, you could use a little black eyeshadow mixed with water to do the job. Just apply the same technique you will use if you had Cover Gray.
  4. Work your baby hairs
    If you case is not too extreme, and you still have some form of edges you can work your baby hairs to your advantage, like in the picture below so your edges don’t appear to be as thinned out as they really are.

    Disclaimer: She’s got edges though
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