WATCH: Deola of Omogemura shows us a quick Ombre lip hack

Ombre lips is one trend that has somehow managed to stay relevant since first becoming popular in the late 80s. Ombre lipsticks and lip colours are all the range, sometimes working with complementary colours and others with discordant colours but gaining quite the effect whichever way you decide to go.

smokey eye + ombre lip 2


Deola Adebiyi, beauty blogger and editor of has rocked quite a number of ombre inspired lipsticks and lipstains and has graciously decided to help us find our own ombre lips to replicate the look that she has on, which is a purple/lilac ombre lip. This is her first video since her break a few months ago, and she is delving directly into the deep end and showing us all the things she learnt while away.

The 9 minute tutorial video also covers the make up (eyes and brow) for a comprehensive look built on the ombre lip (pretty smart if you ask us).

Don’t let us delay you any longer, you can find the video below:

So, what did you think, pretty straight forward or harder than you ever imagined?

Whatever it is, never forget, practice makes perfect.

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