3 Reasons You Cannot Miss Mente De Moda This April

The March edition of Mente de Moda was nothing short of market magic. It’s always great to see young entrepreneurs putting themselves out there, and putting in the work to take their business to the next level. It’s equally great to see shoppers find things they love and the excitement on their faces when they get it for the low low!

Urban Fuxion Truck

It’s very likely you’ve come across a relatively big retro looking blue truck with people queuing outside of it at some point. If you have, then that means you’ve had a first-hand glimpse of the Urban Fuxion Truck movement! Because Mente de Moda is all about making sure everyone who comes out has everything they need to have a good time and food is necessary for this to happen, they have decided to bring the Urban Fuxion Truck back. They serve a range of tasty fast food meals such as juicy good quality burgers and chips alongside a range of other foods.


Outdoor Fans

It is hot! Extremely hot! And every Nigerian can testify to being touched by the sometimes unbearable heat this season. Luckily, the Mente de Moda team have identified how important it is for you not to faint and therefore decided to include outdoor fans at the next edition! With a sigh of relief, you can now cross heat overload off of your list of things to worry about.

Mats for Picnics

There is nothing that sets the tone for an outdoor event like a picnic! The sun is shining, food and drinks are flowing, retail therapy is activated, spirits are high and all is right with the world. The April edition of Mente de Moda will have picnic mats for you and your friends to sit and eat on while soaking up the ambiance. Yes-just like in the movies!

These three things and much more are guaranteed to give you the shopping experience everyone desires; one that entails good food, endless socializing and unforgettable fun! See you there on April 10th at. Don’t forget to bring a friend along. Sharing great experiences is caring!



Date: April 10th


Time: 12noon

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