5 Exciting Ways To Announce Your Engagement


The engagement is almost as important a day as the wedding, as it is the day you know if wedding plans will be put in motion or not. Here are 5 exciting ways to announce your engagement on social media.

ashliamabiledesigns-instagram1. With Pen and Paper

The old fashioned way of writing… and of course, let us see the ring.

the kiss
the kiss

2. The Kiss of Acceptance

Awww… take a pic of this beautiful moment and use it to announce to everyone you know.

i do3. Spell It Out

Creative way of spelling it out to all and sundry…

on d mug
on d mug

4. The Mug Says It All

No other words needed…

talk to the hand
talk to the hand

5. Talk To The Hand

Lol… And we thought the hand couldn’t talk…

Creative and quirky ways to get the word out there which is yours?

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