5 Ways To Pull Off The Matte Paint Trend

Time and again you’ve probably heard that paint is one of the most effective and budget-friendly ways to totally transform a space. Paint helps accentuate certain features. So whether you’re trying to make a space look bigger, display your artwork, or flatter furnitures in the room, selecting the right hue is paramount. In addition to the paint color, the finish can be just as crucial in setting the tone for your space. Here’s some reasons why and how you can embrace the matte paint trend.

1. Use  Matte Hue On High Traffic Areas

gallery-1460498589-whites-kitchen-030aw6Thanks to the advanced technology in premium paints, matte finishes are now as durable as semi-gloss finishes and can even be used in humid areas. Matte has a low luster reflective finish that is durable, easy to clean, touches up well, and also hides minor surface imperfections.

2. Show Off Your Artwork


3. Be daring, try Bold, Dark Colors

Since matte paints are very high in pigment, you’ll get full coverage no matter which color you choose. Going bold when it comes to selecting a matte hue is usually the right way to go. A glossy sheen can make a bold color appear a bit too harsh or gaudy, a matte finish however, has an almost chalky appearance that softens bold colors.

4. Experiment With Stripes


5. Paint On Doors And Trim

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