6 pretty useful beauty tips from men

We asked six men about any beauty tips they might have for us ladies, anything to make our beauty routines better or faster, and the answers were, well interesting.


Don’t try me o, I have four sisters, I can write a manual on beauty and makeup tips for you. Let’s see the one I learned this week, is that you can you use guy’s Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer, and yes I know what a primer is. Boom! *mic drop*


*Laughs* *keeps laughing* You guys should sha stop buying MAC, there are cheaper alternatives apparently. I swear I just found out about this like last week, when my girlfriend told me she had to stop buying MAC. I thought she was quitting makeup, until I saw her with a bunch of other products, the only name that stuck was L.A makeup.


Please you people should either use foundation that is your colour, or blend whatever you are using into your neck and under your chin. It literally looks like you are wearing a mask when you don’t do this, I don’t even understand what it is you guys are using that makes all of you light skinned, even girls that are black like Wande Coal.


Here’s a tip, you girls need to find a way to stop your make up from staining our shirts, please dry cleaning is expensive. What? Isn’t that a tip?


Please correct me if I’m wrong o, but I think you ladies put on too much foundation and stuff, I think if you don’t put on so much it looks more natural and not as pasty as it does now. Like I know them Beyonce use makeup too now, it never looks like you girls own.



Skip the whole face beat thing and save us from waiting endless hours for you guys to get ready. What happened to rubbing white powder and lip gloss? We never complained about it now.

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