A beautiful castle & wonderland shoot: 365 days of love and fun for Rachel & Kuntak


Beautiful couple, “Rachel and Kuntak’ recently marked their first wedding anniversary!

It’s been an amazing journey of pure unadulterated love, fun and happiness.

They whisked themselves away to a beautiful castle overlooking mountains and hills somewhere in wonderland to celebrate their 365th day together as a couple, aww!

Kuntak is half Hong Kong and half Nigerian while Rachel is quarter mixed with half Lebanese (Dad) and Benin (Mum).

Their love story as told by Rachel:

I saw him 2007 at a convention in Benin, he was so cute with an afro and most of his hair were grey and I looked up to the heavens and asked Jah “why didn’t you just wait for me to be older so I be married to him,why? I was just 21 at the time and added ‘WoW I envy his wife’, thinking he was married because he was standing with  another sister  exchanging pleasantries with people. And I thought I saw them wear the same white material. The following week, I was ill so  couldn’t make it to class; my class rep. and another  classmate came to see me in my room. They tried cheering me up. They were like “Rachel, you are sick and you look this good? Let’s go to basement and have a picture (called basement at the University of Benin).  I reluctantly followed them. Getting to basement, lo and behold who did I see? The same guy from the convention that made me question God.

Hummm!  I couldn’t approach him at the convention since I thought he was married, plus I needed to confirm if he was the same person. So I summoned up courage, walked up to him and wanting to be informal as possible my words were ….’hi, am Rachel, sorry to bother you, are you one of Jehovah’s witnesses?’ And his reply was ‘Yes’ I then added I thought as much because I saw you at the convention. What’s your name please? He replied ‘Kuntak’ and I said what kind of name is that? He laughed and said his dad is from Hongkong and I ‘wowed’;  asked what he was doing under the tree at the basement? Apparently, he came to type his final year project work in my school from his own school Igbinidion University Okada. Well, didn’t want to pry much because I still thought he was married we said our goodbyes and I had pictures with my classmates and we left.

At the end of the week,  I decided to fix my hair and nails so that I can resume school perfectly the following week  after being ill. Before it got to my turn, it was already evening and so the late evening met me there, the generator was on and only the people outside the shop could see those inside but miraculously, I looked up and caught a glimpse of him outside and he saw me too. He came into the shop and said ‘Rachel, seeing you again this evening I can’t go without getting your number ‘. And that was the period there was a guy named ‘undertaker’ around Ugbowo robbing students of their phones and shooting them in the bum lol, so I didn’t have my phone on me neither did he. I remember he wrote my number on a weavon pack tore it and walked away (5 years later he showed me that same weavon paper).


Anyways, when I got to my room he called, we agreed to meet the next day.  Turned out he was just as young and a baby as I was, he saw me first 3 long years before I noticed him. He always looked forward to seeing me in every other convention he would even walk with his friends to my family car hoping I’d just notice him but I never did. He never gave up, he hoped and prayed I was in his school but he found out I was in Uniben…. lol. He knew my name and surname, congregation and all long before I noticed him.


Surprisingly, that convention I noticed him, he didn’t even know I was there. We were friends ever since a whole lot of things (wonderful & painful) too lengthy to relate. But on January 23rd , 2014 he popped the magical question and my response? I bet u know already….hehehe ‘YES’ and a big one. March 29th  was the engagement party, 9th and 11th October we got married all in 2014. It’s been a magical 8 years with him, I can’t even put it down in writing but these 365 days together are the most precious of them all.

This moment below is one of the best I can not forget in a hurry! Kuntak proposed to me again with a different wedding band . Pleasantly surprised and still madly, deeply in love with him too. I said yes! AGAIN! xx

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