A love story: How a bridal shower, a bottle of champagne brought us together – Lola and Femi

Together, forever, till death do us part

Lola and Femi were one of the many Nigerian couples that got married over the weekend in Lagos but they have got such an amazing love story.

It is not the usual love at first sight affair but there was an attraction the first time they met.

While we await the official wedding photos, the newly weds have shared their  story and pre-wedding photos with us.

The beautiful bride didn’t stop smiling as she showered encomiums on her man during the narration of their magical meeting.

They met on the first of February 2014 during a bridal shower at La Mango, Ikeja, Lagos.

“At the Shower,  I met an old school mate and we chatted.  Of course, this old school mate of mine wasn’t alone, he was with a friend, Femi.  During the whole activity they bought us a bottle of champagne and we all continued to chat, we had such an interesting discussion. The shower ended and when it was time to go home, I went to wave my friend goodbye”

The old school mate acted like a gentlemen and asked where Lola was headed, and she responded “Ikotun”

“Oh, great, Femi here is headed in that direction too, he would give you a ride” the old schoolmate offered, Lola did not decline.

All through the ride to Ikotun from Ikeja, the couple did not stop talking.

They found that they had so much in common and more.

They exchanged contacts and Femi who had been hit with the cupid’s arrow, began to work his way into her heart.

“He was so persistent, he was always calling, we were always chatting we went on dates and after 3 months, I fell in love with him. I began to look forward to his calls and weekends where we spend time together, I would always check my phone every 10 seconds for his messages”

8 months after, Femi decided to put a ring on it. He wasn’t going to let Lola slip away from his fingers because he was (and is still) madly in love with her.

“He asked me nicely during one of our private times and i told him to give me time. After the normal gragra and shakara things I said Yes.”

You see, Lola (like every other single woman) has this list of all the qualities she wants in her Future husband and as fate would have it, Femi possesses most of the qualities.

“He is responsible, God fearing, respectful, could be stubborn but very sweet”

Oh and the best part, he calls ‘sweetie’ while she calls him ‘honey’.

I love you without fear
Trust me without questioning and desire you without Inhabitions.
I love how you always whisper sweet nothings to my ear
I would say yes to you and choose you over and over again
I smile when you; ???? Talk to me First, ???? Call me Babe, ???? Tell me you love me, ???? Send me love letters, ???? Tell me how much you miss me, ???? Say you can’t wait to hug me, ☑All of the above
Me plus you, Multiply by your smile, Minus the drama, A fraction of your heart, I’d solve all your problems, We make the Perfect Equation…….
Text me, I want you to text me right now and tell me how much you need me, don’t start a conversation get straight to the point, tell me you need me as much as I need you, tell me you want me as much as I want you, tell me you want us as much as I want us. Call me at 1am telling me how you feel, what you’re scared of, what you need. Whenever my phone buzzes I think it’s you and when it isn’t a little part of me breaks.
We are in this together, where you go, I will go
You own me, I belong to you
Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

  1. My dear Lola, I am so happy for you. Congrats dear. It is well with you and your marriage amen.

  2. My Mentor, My brother, My friend, short of words I’m , but my joy. 4 ya knows no bound. Bless them O Lord, keep ’em togeda, let ur spirit dwell in ’em.

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