A prewedding shoot that tells story of Soldier who saved the Princess in need

Soon-to-wed couple Adams and Tbloom have graciously shared their love story and prewedding photos with us.

From the creative session, we see a princess and a soldier.

After running from danger, the princess was too tired to continue and sat at the foot of the wall, hoping and praying that help would.

the soldier and his princess five

After hours of search throughout the kingdom, the gallant soldier dressed in battle regalia came to the rescue!

the soldier and princess threethe soldier and princess four  the soldier and his princess too the soldier and his princess

In the actual sense, Adams is a soldier but Tbloom says he is the calmest and selfless soldier ever, aww!

“All that stuff about soldiers been mean, arrogant, wicked etc with him all that is zero. All I can say is that he’s my SIGNIFICANT OTHER , my everything BRIGHT and after God he’s my Shield.

Thier love story as narrated by Tbloom:

We met at Ouch Maryland where I worked at the time, he came to get a blazer he saw hanging while returning from work, I attended to him, got his contact for his invoice and for follow up. We gisted that day as I was trying to build customer relationship and he paid and left. On weekly basis I used to call customers that buy for the week to make them feel special and important and he was included.

From then on, he said something kept pushing him to call me and he was struggling not to but after some days he gave in and called to come take me home after work. I turned it down because at that point I knew that wasn’t customer behaviour again.  I stayed away from his calls but not long after I did him the honors and he took me home. We later chatted via text that he wanted something serious, said he wanted to settle down and asked if I was seeing someone, told him yes and he apologized for intruding and said he would let me be.

In fact the next day he came on stronger, started calling to check up, showing care etc and that was how it all started. His proposal was his asking out lol, I told him we had to slow down because at the time I didn’t like the whole idea of using marriage to get to me then because I cared less about settling down. We started and in less than 5months we got planning.

The turn on for me was his passion, he wants something he gets it, his love, care, attention was 10/10, he’s just super. 

princess and soldier princess and soldier eight princess and soldier five princess and soldier four princess and soldier nineprincess and soldier seven  princess and soldier six princess and soldier three princess and soldier two

The lovebirds will get married this weekend in Benin city.


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