After 20 Plus Years of Friendship: Kenya & Jermaine’s Love Story & Splendid Wedding

Jermaine and Kenya recently tied knot in front of family and close friends after being friends for over 20 years!

Read their story of friendship, with ups, downs, and swerves in between as told to Real African Weddings.


How I met Jermaine, Kenya narrating; Jermaine and I met more than 20 years ago when I was a teller at a local bank.  He happened to be working with a contracting company that was making repairs at the branch.  In all honesty, I had my eye one of the other workers, and Jermaine was the middle man that I asked to pass messages.  The more I talked to Jermaine, however, I began to really take notice of him.  His kind and compassionate nature began to manifest, and our friendship started to grow.  He invited me to a couple of cook-outs that he hosted at his apartment.  He was always such an attentive host.  There was one night in particular, however, that let me know that Jermaine was DEFINITELY someone special.  He had invited me over to watch a boxing match.  The drinks were flowing and I had indulged in a couple.  When it was time for me to go home, Jermaine insisted on following me home to make sure I made it there safely.

As the years went on, we were in and out of a relationship with one another and others, but we ALWAYS seemed to continue to cross each other’s path.  Anytime we came across one another in life, Jermaine would ALWAYS proclaim, “You are going to be my wife.”  Well, we finally got this thing called LOVE on track and committed to one another in 2012.  He proposed December 24, 2014, and the rest is history.


Now their photos:

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What was the best highlight of your wedding day?

The highlight and most exciting part of our wedding day was the love and excitement from both of our families.  It has always been my mother’s dream to plan her only daughter’s wedding.  Seeing the joy and love shining through her is something that I will ALWAYS remember.  Jermaine was equally touched by the admiration and pride that he felt from his parents.


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What advice would you give other couples in the planning process?

If I had to offer any advice to other couples that would help them through the planning process, it would be:  For the bride, have an idea of everything that you expect of your bridesmaids and provide them with a list and approximate cost. This gives them a heads up of what to expect during the process.  Also, make sure that the groom feels that he is an active part of the planning.  As much as weddings are made to be about the bride, the groom is just as important.  His cake should be HIS choice, and he should have as much say so as possible in choosing the attire for himself and his groomsmen.  You want the memories of your special day to be unforgettable, so DO NOT cut corners on PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEOGRAPHY.  Finally, don’t stress and take it all in. Relish in the love and joy that will fill the room throughout your ceremony and reception.

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Source: Real African Weddings

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