An unforgettable valentine proposal: Derek and Herttie Love Story & Pre-Wedding Shoot

When we thought we have seen the best valentine day proposals (HERE), our attention was drawn to Derek and Herttie’s priceless proposal story!

The magic started  in the first quarter of 2012 and continued until 1st January, 2013 when Derek made the relationship official, amidst the beautiful firecrackers symbolic of the new year in church.

So they met when a mutual friend was going to drop Herttie off at La Palme hotel where she had another date. Her friend decided to pass by Derek’s house for something and that’s the first time she saw him some time in June/July, 2012. They went for a countryside trip their mutual friend had organized and Derek offered to drop her off at home.
They started getting to know each other then. He used to pick her up from Oak plaza hotel, where she was having an induction training into her new job, when she closed, to her home.

Derek made their relationship official on 1st January, 2013 after the 31st night service in church amidst the firecrackers, symbolic of the New Year.
He finally popped the question on the day of love, 14th February, 2016 to which she said yes; best Valentine’s gift ever!

The journey has not been easy, but God has been in it since it began and is still the rock on which they stand and build. God has been faithful and he sure is good. The countdown is so on!

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