5 beauty tips for bus hoppers

Commuting in Lagos is stressful, and after sitting for hours stuck in traffic, in the jam-packed buses, your makeup never survives the heat and sweat you’ve endured the whole time.

While we cannot promise that if you’ll follow these tips, your makeup would remain in pristine condition after hopping buses from Abule-Egba to Ajah, we can however assure you that it would be pretty damn close.

  1. Blotting Sheets.
    These was in our list of beauty products we could do without a while back. But if you are a commuter, it should be on the top of your list. Blotting sheets, help mop up the excess oil your face is producing in all the heat, while keeping your powder and foundation intact.
  2. If possible avoid doing a full face beat at home, if you are commuting. Apply the majority of your makeup at your destination. You can do the hard stuff at home, like drawing your brows and perfecting your winged tips. But you can do the rest like putting on your concealer and foundation in a bathroom at your destination.
  3. Always use a primer before putting on your makeup and setting spray after. It might seem like extra work, especially if you need to do it daily, but it’ll save you the time you use trying to rescue your makeup by the time most of it is streaming down your face with your sweat in a bus.
  4. If the length of your hair falls beyond the nape of your neck, tie it up while in a bus. It’s amazing how much discomfort it can cause once you start to sweat.If it’s a weave, carry a small comb or brush in your bag, to brush it out when you get to your destination.
  5. Don’t try to do all of your makeup in the bus, have you seen mascara accidents? They are not pretty. Stick to the basics, with some concealer, powder and lipstick.

If you are forever waking up late, or just never seem to have enough time to do your makeup before work in the mornings, we’ll be doing a post on how to beat your face -yes it’s possible- in a moving bus next week.

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