Bridal Inspiration! 10 fun activities to do at your wedding reception

Here are 10 fun things to do to make your wedding very interesting.

Bridal Party Dance Off – This is usually very interesting , dance off between the bride and her Girls and the Groom and his men. This brings out the fun in them and it excites the whole wedding guests and absolutely entertaining.

Photo Booth – These are super cool , guests can go in the booth and take pictures and take home with them. Booths usually have Props to make the pictures look so nice.

Karaoke – Everyone knows singing is fun, whether you have a good voice or not . Karaoke allows you to have fun while singing along to a recorded song and lyrics.

Sweet Station – Who doesn’t like to snack ? A sweet station provides delicious treats for guests while hanging out at the party. Cake , pastries and candy .

Photo Stand Ins – Stand ins are themed to match your party theme and add a boom factor to your wedding.

Shoe Game – This is usually for the newly weds . The hosts ask them questions and they reply with their shoes . However its so cute if they raise the same show.

Musical Chairs – This game can never grow old . The bridal party and the guests can participate in this activity. Its all fun and games.

Jenga – Classic block stacking of wooden blocks in form of a tower , this is one fun game.

Guessing Game – Newly weds do this at the reception to entertain their guests and show how much they know each other.

Bouquet Toss – The classic bouquet toss from the brides to the single ladies. This is almost a tradition if not one. It has always been one consistent activity at a wedding.

Source: Sugar Weddings

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