Bridal inspiration: 15 times Edo brides served us major hair style

The rich culture of Edo state is evident in the beautiful, elaborate attire of the Edo bride. She is a showstopper, generously decked in coral beads on a backdrop of fabric. She wears beaded anklets, waist beads, and bracelets around her wrist called the Ivie-ebo, earrings called Emi-ehorivie, a cape called Ewu-ivie made entirely of beads, while holding her beaded clutch or Ekpa-ivie.

The Edo bride is a queen who must have her crown- an intricately beaded piece of art called Okuku. Traditionally, her hair is put up in a high up-do called Eto-okuku, and the beads are sewn directly onto the hair. These days, you can skip the process and get an already made Okuku.

Sugar Weddings takes a look at 15 times Edo brides served major style.

This breathtaking beauty is pulling all the stops. She is royalty in her fully beaded attire. Even her wrapper is overlaid with coral beads. We hail thee!
Image Source: @oshewabeauty

We could look at this angelic bride all day. Her white dress fits like she was born with it; and with the coral against that backdrop, she is absolute perfection.
Image Source: @thedebolastyles

This bride did not come to play. She is making a statement and we hear it loud and clear.
Image Source: @lizziea1

We had a speechless moment over here when we saw this vision of a bride. From the pastel fabric to the vibrant coral; to her atypical choice of headdress perfectly placed over her natural hair. Excuse us while we drool.
Image Source:

It does not get much more authentic than this. She is a true traditional Edo bride in her prominent Okuku and red velvet.
Image Source:

*collective gasp* Yes! You mix that Edo with that Indian, get that royal fusion. This marriage (pun intended) of two rich cultures is spectacular. It can be risky, but this bride does it so right- it is seamless.
Image Source: @facesofleon

Effortlessly flawless. This deep chocolate goddess is a testament to the beauty of coral on melanin. She is fire.
Image Source: @owen_imagery

She is eye-catching as a bonfire on a harmattan night and she knows it. Slay on, Queen.
Image Source: @koporateimages

A true Edo Queen from head to blue-blooded toe.
Image Source: @photonimi

Champagne, gold and coral are beautiful together, and the killer smile on this beauty just melts our hearts. We love her unique shawl of beads too.
Image Source:

The contrast between her radiant skin and the coral is smashing, and the black velvet keeps the focus where it should be. Did we mention royalty? Beaded from head to toe, she is a Queen you must notice.
Image Source: @tobbiestouch

Speaking of unique, don’t you just love the black and gold fabric on this Edo bride? She is stunning.
Image Source: @iamdodos

Did we mention royalty? Beaded from head to toe, she is a Queen you must notice.
Image Source:

If you ever thought coral and magenta do not work together, think again. This bride proves they can. Her crown is one of our favourites.
Image Source:

She is a star of a bride in her lush red lace, sparkly shoes and of course her beaded wear. Shine on.
Image Source: @gbengaotasowie_photography

Source: Sugar Weddings

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