Bridal Inspiration: The easiest way to write a wedding speech


Lost for words?

We bring you top tips on how to write a winning wedding speech and deliver it like a pro.

Many people worry and labor for hours over how to compose their wedding speech, don’t! 

Your wedding speech can be put together in very little time without going through the stress of great consideration so that you can deliver a speech at the wedding reception with confidence.

The wedding speech can be handled easily and well delivered with confidence.

Tip One:

First and foremost is to remember that giving a good speech is all about engaging the audience in a story.  Telling a story requires colour and personality in the voice – the kind that comes naturally when you’re sitting in a bar with friends or reading a children’s book aloud.

Similarly, think about the structure. Every story has a beginning, middle and an end…that is, an opening comment, the main speech, a closing comment and toast. 

Tip Two:

A good wedding speech will be neither too short nor too long. The former suggesting that you don’t have enough to say in celebration of the wedded couple’s special day and the former creating a risk of becoming boring or repetitive.  An acceptable average time for a good wedding speech is seven minutes – which will give you the opportunity to say about 1,000 words at an even pace of delivery and have guests panting for more.

Tip three:

No one else should be able to give your speech so stay away from Google! You are never going to find original material on the internet and a memorable speech is an original one.

Tip Four:

Also don’t try and memorize the speech – chances are you’re not a actor so every iota of energy spent remembering the next line is energy wasted. You should be concentrating on what you are actually saying.

Tip Five:

Have fun! Giving a speech about someone you love is like giving them a present you know they’ll adore. It’s a celebration, not a punishment.



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