We came, we saw and we conquered| Macmillian & Amaka’s heart warming love/wedding story


Get ready to be entertained this noon with Macmillian and Amaka’s love and wedding story.

We have been keeping up with beautiful couple, Macmillan and Amaka right from their beautiful proposal which happened last year.

We also brought you highlights from their traditional and white wedding.

The lovebirds have now shared their wedding album and love story with us.

MacAmaka’s Love Story

Our story! Our path crossed in 2006, I was this fun guy who was enjoying every step of the way in university. Got lots of friends and was quite popular on campus. Tricky thing about this dude was how he did it all this and his grades were awesome. The blessed day came when I had to unexpectedly go to the library to complete an assignment didn’t really know my way around because I wasn’t a regular.

Got to the door about opening it when this true real beauty I mean pure beauty pushed the door from inside and bumped into me. Was startled, we stared for some seconds before conceding to the bump. Watched her as she made her way out of the library. In this unusual place I found myself, surfed for materials and got my table fully loaded with books to give that serious look. Getting around it, looked up and saw this same beauty walk in hoped and prayed she came sit around me which was the case.

Imagining a lot of things in my head and anticipating what to say to her. I heard “please can I use the dictionary?” and that was it. Got chatting got her number and called her every single day during the Christmas holidays that year. Upon resumption, it felt like we never went on break and I knew her since like forever. She was this shy babe, timid and greeted everybody that passed by her.

Without wasting no time, I popped the question and this babe left me in cloud lalala forming hard to get for almost a year. She finally succumbed and we started dating in 2007. We both learnt so many things from each other and sacrificed a lot too. It all paid off at the end.

Left her in school in 2010 whilst I was serving but dared the road every month from Ebonyi state to come see my beautiful damsel. Last year on the 1st of Oct, which was the month of our 8th year anniversary, I pulled off a surprise proposal, thanks to family and staff of Ebeano super market Lekki 1.

Fast forward, to the 12th of March 2016 I married the most beautiful woman in the world and my Baby. We find it hard to live each day without each other because we both best friends. We vow to make this work till the end of day and enjoy every step of the way under God’s guidance.

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Photography by: Toba Samuels

Event by: Lemony Touch

Dress: Bumble Bee

Brides wedding dress-@chiquebridals



Grooms outfit- @tsignaturebespoke

MC: @theweddingmc

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Fashion Enthusiast.

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