Embrace and Exude Luxurious ‘Rich Aunty’ Energy this Summer!

Rich Aunty

Do you have that one real or imaginary rich aunt who emanates an elegant and affluent aura with her fashion choices? While achieving that look may seem expensive, there are simple tips to help you embody that vibe even on a tight budget.

To embark on your journey towards the lifestyle of a sophisticated aunt, here are the essential elements you’ll need:

  1. Headbands: Headbands are the epitome of finesse and sophistication when paired with suitable clothing. Various designs and sizes are available, so it’s crucial to find the one that suits you best. Headbands can complement maxi dresses, casual attire, traditional outfits, and even professional ensembles, adding a touch of elegance to your look.

  1. Bubu gowns: These trendy gowns epitomise class. Bubu gowns are bespoke, long dresses that flatter any body type. They are loose-fitting, without specific measurements for the bust, waist, and hips. Bubu Ankara styles are stylish, perfect for concealing fuller thighs and accentuating your figure. This minimalist approach is fashionable and elegant, exceptionally when crafted from African fabrics known as Ankara.

  1. Exaggerated sleeves: Whether in blouses or dresses, exaggerated sleeves elevate your overall look. These garments feature voluminous, well-tailored sleeves that add a stylish flair when worn appropriately. Unlike tight cocktail sleeves, exaggerated sleeves provide a more relaxed and confident appearance, enhancing your sense of class. So, the next time you have a meeting or event, step out of your comfort zone and embrace exaggerated sleeves to channel your inner sophisticated aunt.

  1. Two/Three-piece outfits: As the name suggests, these outfits consist of matching sets of two or three pieces. Usually made from soft and lightweight fabrics, they elevate your appearance and awaken your inner sophisticated aunt. These ensembles are loosely fitted and well-tailored to flatter any body type, requiring minimal accessories due to their inherent features. 

Rich Aunty


So next time you are out for an event, party, or even casual occasion, wear these matching pieces and be prepared to turn heads with the poise and elegance they exude. 

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