First photos from Dutchess and Markson’s white wedding

A few weeks ago, we brought you photos from the intimate engagement session of Dutchess and Markson.

The couple exchanged the marital vows over the weekend and their photographer, 1st Xpressions Crew has shared first photos with us.

1stXpressionvisuals_-49 1stXpressionvisuals_-48 1stXpressionvisuals_-46 1stXpressionvisuals_-34(1) 1stXpressionvisuals_-30 1stXpressionvisuals_-28 1stXpressionvisuals_-27 1stXpressionvisuals_-25 1stXpressionvisuals_-24 1stXpressionvisuals_-15 1stXpressionvisuals_-13 1stXpressionvisuals_-11(1) 1stXpressionvisuals_-10 1stXpressionvisuals_-8 1stXpressionvisuals_-7 1stXpressionvisuals_-5(1) 1stXpressionvisuals_-4(1) 1stXpressionvisuals_-2 1stXpressionvisuals_(1)

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