High School Sweethearts tie the knot at spot where they started dating 14 years ago (photos)

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Just like it happens in the movies, these two, Tayo and Oliver Arkle, got married at the same spot they met while in secondary school years back (14 years to be precise).

the bride
They got married at their secondary schools’ chapel.

“The memories we created at school are treasured forever in our hearts and being able to return to were it all began and take our vows in front of you all, is a dream come true!” they gushed on their wedding site.

Fun facts about them:

1. We’ve been boyfriend and girlfriend since we were 15 and Oliver proposed on our 8th year together.

2.  Tayo initiated the first kiss.

3. We have the same size shoes. (much to Tayo’s despair)

4. We both had braces when we started to date.

5. Our first date was in Mc Donald’s.

6. For the year 2008 we spent the whole of lunch time (45mins) hugging in the playground.

7. We still own our first letters from Year 10. (2007)

8. Both of our initials are O.A.

9. We are honeymooning in Barbados!

Some ah-mazing throw back photos of them

 Graduation Day

Their beautiful love story:

Oliver and Tayo met in Year 7, at Archbishop Michael Ramsey Technology College back in 2003.

As fate would have it, they were placed in the same tutor group, and because they both have last names beginning with the letter ‘A’, spent most of their educational life sitting right next to each other.

It wasn’t until their school trip to Isle of Wight in 2006 that they really got to know each other. Whilst on the trip, Oliver was given the task of approaching Tayo in order to find out if she fancied Santiago, Oliver’s best friend.

It was at this time Oliver developed feelings for Tayo. After receiving Santiago’s blessing once they returned to London, he decided to ask Tayo out. Her first response was “no”, which she immediately felt terrible about. That night she phoned Oliver to see if he was ok; His mum answered the phone and after handing it to him, they began talking endlessly, initiating a beautiful friendship.

From then on, Oliver and Tayo were inseparable, they spoke on the phone almost every night and spent all their break time together. It was something they looked forward to every day. Oliver walked her to the bus stop and even joined her family church. They became closer, talking about literally everything under the sun; hopes, dreams, music, and football of course. The next 6 months would see them become best friends.

On April 27, 2007, after school (under the trees), Oliver snuck up behind Tayo with a beautiful gold necklace, placed it around her neck and quietly whispered in her ear, asking if she would be his girlfriend. Of course she couldn’t say no! (He had jewellery this time!) Tayo turned and jumped into him arms! The rest as they say, is history!

Proposal story:

On Sunday, January 19th 2014, Tayo returned to Heathrow Airport after spending three months working at an architecture firm in Nigeria. Totally jet lagged and unaware of the situation she proceeded to the exit wondering, “why’s this guy in a suit?”.

Not too long after, Oliver was on one knee in front of the entire airport, asking for her hand in marriage. [Insert tears, hugs, kisses, and “Of course, Yes! Yes!”] It was amazing, their friends surrounded them and total strangers clapped and cheered.

We now bring you photos from their wedding which held last Saturday (August 15)

tayo olivers

the couple again  couple three the couple two

tayoover tayo oliverss

tayo oliver

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first selfie

We love!
Congratulations dearies!

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  1. They got married at their secondary schools’ chapel. The memories we created at school are treasured forever in our hearts and being able to return to were it all began and take our vows in front of you all, is a dream come true!

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