We Are Digging Tunde Owolabi #TeamNaija Sneaker Collection

Accessories brand Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi just released a new line of signature slip-on sneakers flying the Nigerian colours in solidarity with the Super Eagles at the World Cup. Tunde Owolabi #TeamNaija Sneaker Collection.

by Rae Ogbu

Using football to explore fashion, designer Tunde Owolabi got inspired via the Super Eagles football kit prints and colours.

He reworked the designs to create a simple range that has garnered so much hype.

This range referred to as the Ethnik Team Naija features a combination of aso oke fabric with comfy white soles.

The collection comes in 3 different designs; Hyperfly, Harmony andVintage Black.

Founded in 2015 by Tunde Owolabi, Ethnik is about making aso-oke accessible to the fashion-forward modern man and woman. Beyond accessibility and creating fashionable pieces for brand-savvy trendsetter, Ethnik is about promoting culture and giving back to the community.

According to CNN review; the apparel and footwear market in sub-Saharan Africa is on the rise, with a number of small companies competing for a share of the market.

Valued at an estimated $31 billion in 2015, the market is expected to keep growing, according to research by Euromonitor.
Tunde Owolabi #TeamNaija Sneaker Collection
Tunde Owolabi #TeamNaija Sneaker Collection

“Every piece of an Ethnik product is art,” says founder and creative director Tunde Owolabi, who set up the company in Lagos in 2015,” Owolabi said in a CNN feature. “We are creating a movement of people who want to identify themselves with where they are from.”

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