Ikeoluwa & Seyi’s surprising love story & prewedding photos

Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily038True love cannot be hidden. When someone you meet is ‘The One’, love would always prevail no matter how much you try to suppress it.

Ikeoluwa was not really thinking of a long term relationship when she saw Seyi for the first time. In fact, according to her, she “made a point not to get close to him at all”. But all that changed when she got to know him better and they became really good friends. That friendship blossomed to love and come 28th November 2015, they will seal that love in holy matrimony.

Bride-to-be Ikeoluwa shares their love story and proposal.

How We Met
Well, our first meeting was in church. He had just joined the choir while I had been away writing professional exams. First thing I saw was his earpiece (I like unique-looking gadgets), then his profile. I sharply cautioned myself to focus on the church service (can’t be caught openly staring at a man biko), besides I was still trying to figure out signals from another guy.‎ In fact, I made a point not to get close to him at all. I didn’t even know his name until 2 weeks after I first saw him. But when God has ordained that it’s time, nothing can change it. He’s such a likeable person that it was easy to become really good friends, and I just was confident about us being great friends for a looong time (little did I know!).

How He Proposed
We’d already started planning for the wedding, so I wasn’t expecting a proposal anymore. So after going to finalize on our apartment, he was dropping me off at my parent’s house, and sometimes we stay outside in the car to gist and catch up especially if we haven’t seen in the course of the week. ‎So when he started talking about being grateful to God for me and for our relationship, I didn’t suspect a thing. Next thing, he’s asking if I’d do him the honour of being and his wife and I hear the pop of a ring box, and the prettiest ring twinkling at me. I cried and said ‘yes’ of course.

Why He’s The One
He’s all I prayed for, I call him God’s answer to my prayers. He’s lovable, kind, generous and sooo compassionate. He’s constantly looking out for me, always cheering me on; my biggest supporter and my best friend. Every time I’m with him, I’m at peace and at home, no matter where we are. I can’t wait to start this phase of our lives together as husband and wife.

See their pre-wedding photos courtesy Auxano Photography:
Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily001 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily002 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily005 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily006 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily009 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily010 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily013 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily014 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily016 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily017 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily018 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily019 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily024 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily025 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily026 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily027 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily028 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily029 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily030 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily032 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily036 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily038 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily039 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily041 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily042 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily043 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily044 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily045 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily046 Ikeoluwa & Seyi WEDDaily048
Photo Credit
Auxano Photography: @auxanofotografy ~ www.auxanofotografy.com

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