Julia Roberts is the World’s Most Beautiful Woman again and here are 10 reasons we kinda agree

She says she’s very flattered!

And yes, we think she should be. Julia Roberts is as beautiful and ageless as they come and been named PEOPLE Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman for the fifth time in 26 years is totally deserving.

A number of people have been asking: “why Roberts again?”, “does this not feel like throwback considering she’s been out of the limelight a while?”.



So for a fact, no one doubts Julia Roberts’ gorgeousness, they just wonder why she gets to hold the title yet again. Well, maybe we shouldn’t question the decision of the gods and just go with this flow.

Here are 12 photos that reaffirm our

Julia Roberts at the Academy Awards in 2004

Julia Roberts at Academy Awards in 2001
At Cannes in 2016
At the Emmys in 1999
With Keifer Sutherland
With Mel Gibson
At the 2014 Oscars

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