Let it go! Knowing when to declutter your closet

Are your favourite black jeans now your favourite grey jeans? Is that LBD in every picture on your camera roll? Are the heels of those black sling back shoes now rounded?

Please. Let it go. All of it.

Are there more food stains than buttons on that silk shirt? Do you still have a band t-shirt from that 112 concert you went to 10 years ago? Do you still have clogs and/or crocs? Has your favourite blazer been laundered more than a thousand times? Do you still have those LL Cool J inspired baggy jeans? Mom jeans perhaps? Let it go.

Has that skirt you’ve never worn been sitting in your closet for more than two years now? Do you still have platform shoes? Are the soles of your sneakers now uneven from constant use? Do you have more than five clothes in animal print? Does that bra now have no underwire? Let it go.

Is the handle of that brown bag now hanging on two threads? Is that patent belt more material than patent now? Does that white shirt now have two colours? Let it go already.

For real though it’s 2016. Let all that stuff you know you shouldn’t have in your closet go.

New year, New you right?

Just let it go.

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