A testimony of love: Lolade and Dapo’s Nikkah & Traditional Wedding

KLA_1887Klala Photography brings us this beautiful Islamic Wedding Nikkah ceremony between Lolade and Dapo, and it is a dazzling delight to behold.

From a detailed Indian inspired look of the couple, to their gorgeous butter yellow and white aso-oke colour combo, to their final change into a white and blue Igbo attire, these stunning portraits will surely sweep you off your feet.

Lolade’s makeup was done by Jide of St Ola.


Lolade and Dapo met at a birthday party through a mutual friend, and they have been inseparable ever since. Their pre-wedding photos were captured by Klala Photography.

Lolade has further narrated their love story below:

“Dapo and I have been together now for about four years. We met in the UK, in April 2011, while I was on holiday. After spending about three weeks in the UK, with about 3 days left to travel back to Nigeria, my cousin came to pick me up for a friend’s birthday party; who happened to be Dapo’s cousin.

“The birthday party was at a roller skating club and I had no clue how to skate, but I gladly tagged along with the aim of just making the best of my days left in London. While everyone was busy skating and dancing to the music, a young tall dark guy walked up to me asking me to join him, but seeing he was a fine dude, oh well. Tell me who wouldn’t fall for looks at first… lol. We got talking and it was then I knew he was in the UK for his master’s degree.

“I realised from that moment he is definitely someone I want to get to know. We exchanged numbers at the end of the night. We saw again on my last night in London, when he took me out for dinner with the company of my cousin and his friend.

“Who says long distance relationship don’t work? Well, mine did, as our relationship grew stronger and stronger with phone calls, messages, and skyping day and night. Whew! Thank God for social network. After almost a year apart, I reunited with the man of my dreams as I had to come for my masters in the UK, and since then, we have been inseparable.”

The proposal…

“Hmm…that day was surely a big unexpected surprise. He planned it well with the help of my closest friend here in the UK. My friend (Abimbola) who lives in London, called me saying she was going for a boat cruise with her cousin but her cousin couldn’t make it, so she wanted me to follow her. Dapo and I were going to London anyway to see his dad who just got back from Nigeria, as we reside in Scotland, so I told her that’s fine.

“We met up the next day at Westminster for the London river cruise. We got on, I wanted us to go on top as the view was lovely, but my friend insisted we stayed down all because Dapo and his dad were there, of which I had no idea. As we were approaching the Tower Bridge, (Marry Me by Bruno Mars started playing).

“My friend and I started singing and dancing along. As I turned around, I saw Dapo singing towards me with his dad filming all that was going on. I was in shock with my hands over my mouth wondering what he was doing on the boat with his dad. When he got down on one knee, that’s when I became aware of what was going down. He said a lovely proposal speech and brought out a ring, asking me if I’ll be his wife. Of course, I pulled my man up and sealed it up with a lovely kiss. Felt like the luckiest woman in the world.”


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