Meet The Captain & His Hostess: Comfort & Ambrose’s Beautiful Engagement Session


Comfort & Ambrose are tying the knot in a couple of weeks and we are super excited for them. Enjoy their Sweet love-story and beautiful photos by Haye Okoh.

Our Love-story |Comfort

It was two and half years ago… a simple phone call, that was it. If I can recall properly it was about 4pm, 3rd July, 2013. My phone rang it’s a strange number and I picked up! ‘Hello’, he said, ‘my name is AMBROSE’. We got talking for about 10 minutes. Hmm…blind me. I thought he was some guy I knew from school.

Eventually, I must confess his charisma and voice on the phone was too sweet and overwhelming that I couldn’t wait to talk to him over and over again. It continued for about a month then we finally met in Abuja. He explained in detail how he got my number. It was through an Aunt of mine, Old-fashioned match making… I never believed in it or thought it could happen to me.

Without delay and a single doubt from him, He asked me out! And then my wedding fairytale began. We talked a lot over the phone, struggled with carving out time to see each other because of the distance due to work. Thank God for the nature of his job, visitations to Abuja were frequent. It was like a Bee seeking for honey! My clock stopped ticking each time he was in town. ECSTASY!!!! Is the best word to explain it.







Our Love-story | Ambrose

The Old fashion saying “it is not good for a man to be alone” jolted me into action to search for my heartthrob.

Chilling July 3rd, 2013, I finally decided to call this lady that her number was given to me by my Aunt. Match making I knew it was, after all there is no harm in trying. I then put the call through, Hello she said….In my thoughts nice calm voice….and the conversation went on with my nervous introduction. Gentle, nice, slow and steady it all went.

I decide to put up a visit after a month of our jolly conversations on the phone and some secret admiring on Facebook. 

 It was all funny and awkward initially trying to put all the comfortable phone conversations to a face with lots of shy eye to eye glimpse. I remember very well it was almost difficult for her to look into my eyes.

 I was at ease and pleased with our relationship I decided to ask her out. I didn’t mince my words I told her I wanted this relationship to develop into a strong solid bond.

It was challenging having to manage work and the distance but we made the best out of it all.









The Proposal

After a year of our relationship I decided to take it to the next step. It was nerve racking having to choose how I would break my intent to her. Thanks to my brother and friend Tunde Onoviran with his  louding help and advice in the ring selection.

The Proposal: 14th September, 2014, She came to visit me in Lagos. I took the bold step and decided to keep it simple and confined to ourselves.

It was an early cool quite Sunday morning, while she was still struggling to wake up. I remember I was smartly dressed and I was sitting down beside her. I said, “Good morning darling, my sugar, ‘Ihotukum’ (my love), ‘Enekole’ (mother of the house)”, I called her many other names I shouldn’t bore you with… the different things she is to me. I went down on my. I asked her if she would do me the honor of marrying me. She was shocked. I couldn’t wait for her to say yes. With tears in her eyes… she looked in my eyes and said Yes. Yes, I will marry you.







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