For The Gents: 6 Guidelines To Remedying Dry & Itchy Beard

Last week, we gave a 30 days plan for the first time beard grower, it’s only fair that this week we give a guideline on how to remedy dry and/or itchy beard.

In concept, growing a full-bodied beard is one of the most satisfying things a man can do. However, reality isn’t nearly so forgiving. Short beard hairs, made sharp by your razor , will irritate the skin as they grow, producing enough redness and itching to drive a man to the brink. If you’re decided follow through with our 30 days plan or you already have your beard game on, here’s how to keep that itch at bay.

  1. Cleanse

Between grime, oil, stray hairs, and skin cells, your beard is a magnet for all manner of debris. A regular wash will keep it clean, but everyday shampoos weren’t made for use on facial hair, and can strip your strands of moisture. Instead, scrub every day or two with a gentle, hydrating beard wash.

2. Condition

Once your beard is clean, it’s time to soften it up. A specialized conditioner will infuse your beard with both moisture and nutrients, improving your hair’s texture and making it less likely to irritate skin. Beard conditioner kills two birds with one stone; hydrates the skin beneath to sooth and prevent dryness. Use conditioner twice daily for comprehensive moisture.

4. Moisturize

For daylong hydration, a good conditioner may not be enough. Augment your routine with a daily dose of beard oil, which can follow a conditioner or be used on its own.

5. Repair

Despite your best efforts, even the most resplendent of beards can cause a little damage. If you notice any ingrown hairs, remove them with a set of tweezers to prevent further irritation. For skin that’s already inflamed, a light coat of Cortizone should help reduce the symptoms, though be sure not to overuse it.

6. Brush

Trust us, you’re going to enjoy this one. Regular brushing will not only give your beard a clean shape and smooth texture, but it will train hairs to grow in a single direction, reducing the risk of scratching and having more ingrown hairs. Any miniature mustache or beard comb  will do, but particularly thick beards may merit a tougher beard brush.

Enjoy your beard journey!


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