Nigeria Meets Zambia! Beautiful moments from Chansa & Osamede

We have got an interesting inter racial wedding (Chansa and Osamede) feature this weekend.

She is a Zambian,  while he is a Nigerian.

They got married on Dec 19th, 2015.

The Zambian Traditional, Nigerian Traditional and White wedding all took place in Lusaka, Zambia.

Read their love story below as narrated by the bride:

The first time I “officially” met Chansa was at a friend’s –Going away party. I was the unofficial Dj for the evening. After dropping some “solid” Afro beats all evening she couldn’t help but ask this talented Dj for a copy of his music. There was something about her eyes I just couldn’t forget. We got to know each other more over the years, we travelled around the world together and through all this, I got to really see Chansa for whom she is, God sent.
Fast-forward today, we here! Thanks to God above all, her exceptional character and my Dj skills.

Read their love story below as narrated by the groom:

We met in Winnipeg while going to the same university at a mutual friends going away party and we easily became good friends. Took a while for us to actually date but as time went by it became clearer and clearer to me that this is the man I would like to spend the rest of my life with and to cut a long story short, here we are on this amazing road to being husband and wife. God could not have given me a better man to be my husband and I thank him every day for this amazing man of mine.

The Proposal Story As told By Him…
After deciding to get married to Chansa, I had to plan the proposal. I really cannot take credit for it all; I had good friends who pretty much set it all up. They made it a whole lot more special. I’m an expert salesman, so I tend to talk a lot when I’m passionate about anything. It all started off with one of my “not so typical” speeches and ended with a ring on her finger all this while overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Now I’m not an expert on romantic proposals, but I think my friends and I did a pretty sweet job.

The Proposal Story As Told By her…
A proposal on that trip was the furthest thing on my mind but I was very VERRRRRRRRY pleasantly surprised. Getting me to the spot was a bit of a challenge though as I couldn’t understand why we had to divert from our plan of heading to the beach to meet up with everyone. The story was that plans had changed and we were meeting everyone at the terrace now instead of the beach which was even more mind boggling to me as we were about to go and do some water sports. Anyways, I got tired of trying to explain why it was more logical for us to meet at the beach instead of the terrace and reluctantly headed there. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a video even more so I will let this brief clip do the rest of the talking.. ENJOY

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