Oh my! We can’t get enough of this 50th birthday cake (LOOK)

Oh la la!

We are absolutely in love with Mr Dimeji Edward’s 50th birthday cake (even though it is not a wedding cake, but we LOVE it).

It’s aca-amazing.

So simple. Yet, details are … Jawdropping!

Cakes By Tosan, the brain behind the creatively designed cake, says it is a themed cake for business minds.

How cake lovers are reacting to the awesomeness:
berryblast_partyplanners: I was like “OMG! Who baked this celestial cake.. It looks too perfect to be made by hand” – meaning awesomeness! .. Then I saw “cakes by tosan” mtcheew…. now i’m not so flaberwhelmed or overgasted… He’s got the midas touch… His works causes u to mix up words…. Loool… He is the zeus of cakes… Hian!

seghelophe: Never seen a cake luk dis gud and neat. Dis is Professional

tima_gana: So so amazing! Neatly done! Best Cake concept i have ever seen!

: We need more of this beautiful cake in the world….respect Tosan,inluv with your concept/creativity

Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.


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