Onose & Michael’s love story and prewedding shoot | Dough Gee photos

We are pleased to share the pictures and story of this beautiful couple.

Her Story

Love is indeed a beautiful thing, I remember how we met, got entangled and now joined in love.
On the 9th of Jan 2013 was when our friendship started; he sent me a friend request on Facebook and we started chatting. Coincidentally weeks later, we ran into each other in University; he was doing his M.Sc program then while I was still in my 3rd year.
Well, it was not love at first sight for me tho, because my dream guy was this really tall, dark complexion, six packs kinda guy, because am equally tall (1.86 metres). lol. But in the course of our friendship we started going out on dates, spending time together and I realized he was everything I needed in a man. I can still remember our first date at an eatery called Matice, situated in the Uni.
Michael is career driven and hard working, has a good sense of humor, smart, loves a very simple and free life, charming. And one thing I find really sexy about him is that he has a burning passion for Jesus. I mean with all these qualities, I couldn’t help but fall totally in love with him. lol!
After he rounded up his masters program, he relocated down to Lagos and started working. Mehn, it wasn’t easy for us then; I remember the times he’ll travel all the way from Lagos every weekend (after working Monday’s to Friday) to visit me in School. Finally I graduated from Uni and was posted to Lagos for my National Youth Service Corps program. We were so happy because we knew we will be seeing regularly and our long distance relationship was over.
How he proposed:
It was Christmas morning in 2015, he called me if he could come pick me up, so we can go shop for ingredients to make fried rice. He came as expected, but while we talked as he drove to the mall, I noticed a bit of excitement and nervousness that wasn’t like the Michael I know. lol. I felt probably he didn’t sleep early because of the Christmas Eve or something. While we were still along the expressway, he said his car tyre was wagging and needed to check it, so he packed along the road and stepped out of the car. He came towards the back type at my side and squatted to check the tyre. I decided to step out to see if it was that bad, as I opened the door, he stood up and walked towards me and knelt down with a beautiful ring in his hands. I was short of words, I didn’t see it coming. He asked me to marry him and I said YES!
During my masters program in the university, a faithful morning in January 2013, I stumbled on this really pretty lady I had a Chat with earlier on Facebook. I was amazed at her beauty and looks, we had a very brief talk because she was heading somewhere. I must add, I couldn’t help but turn around to admire her even when she walked past. We kept in touch regularly and we had our 1st date. I got to really like her; she’s unique, has a good heart, so loving and passionate, well brought up too (my guys can relate to this). I asked her to be my girlfriend but you know girls will always play hard to get at first. Lol. Somehow we started dating. The relationship went smoothly, I got to know her family and she did same.
After my program I moved to Lagos and we kept communicating. The distance was a bit tough for her, so at every given opportunity or break, I will always run back to visit her. lol. It was really a long journey for us but when you are in love, the journey is never too long.
After she graduated, we overcame the long distance because she was posted to Lagos to serve. Our love for each other grew so much to a point that I couldn’t help but to ask her to be my wife. And the beauty of it all is she said YES. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you Oahimijie Onose Briggs.
Photography @jamesotihiphotography
Makeup @makeup_by_briggs
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