Our Aww, LOL and OMG moments from our Wedding of the week (Volume five)

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Tolani Ayo-Vaughan and Ibukun Eweje are our couple of the week and we are so excited about their wedding!

From their traditional wedding to the white wedding, it was a blend of joy, laughter, dancing, dancing, and dancing.

Just before their wedding, Ibk and Tolani got everyone talking about their save-the-date video, which is more like a remake for Kiss Daniel’s Woju.

Their love story as told by Tolani

“I think the story starts when one day in class. A friend asked me if I had met this new guy named Ibk. I told him no, and he proceeded to tell me all about him. He said Ibk had moved here (to the US) from Netherlands but is Yoruba, from Nigeria, and in the corps of cadets etc. It’s funny because we both do not remember the exact day we met, but we think it was at an African Students Association (ASA) meeting back in 2009.

Fast forward two years, I was organizing a scholarship pageant and needed some volunteers to help with the event. I reached out to him asking if he was interested in being one of our hosts and he agreed (till today he is convinced that I asked him to participate in the event because I was ‘interested’ in him).

Later in the year we started talking frequently on Facebook and then through texts and then phone calls everyday. We quickly learned that we had a lot in common, both really into Nigerian music…both engineers…both God fearing… both oil kids growing up in different countries…both hate olives etc and so our friendship grew quite rapidly.

Ibukun is truly a blessing to me. He has this natural gift of lighting up a room by bringing smiles and laughter to everyone with his outgoing personality. I admire his drive and dedication in everything he does, and I really appreciate that he also motivates and pushes me to strive for my best as well. He is my very best friend and I don’t know what I would do without him. He has been a constant source of happiness in my life. I thank God every day for bringing him all the way from Netherlands to Texas and into my life, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.”

We now present to you our favorite moments at their wedding.


1. Tolani’s trad. make up which was done by herself



2. The Iya Alaga at the Traditional wedding

Native out in full effect #ibktolani2015 #htownisreallynaijatown

A video posted by sholafnamazing (@sholafnamazing) on


2b. Ibukun’s dance with his friends


I can’t with this man called @aloyinlohun1 ???????????????? the groom came ready tho lol @ibk2790 #ibktolani2015

A video posted by Tobi Vaughan (@queen_vaughan) on

#groom #cousininlaw #ibktolani2015

A video posted by sholafnamazing (@sholafnamazing) on

No sleep zone ???????? #HoustonWeOutchea #ibktolani2015

A video posted by Al Fayeed (@kvngofoz) on


2c. Tolani’s dance


@olanitay getting it #ibktolani2015

A video posted by sholafnamazing (@sholafnamazing) on


2d. Ibukun and Tolani’s Gbemisoke and Dorobucci dance


Foineeee people #BeautifulPeople #IbkTolani2015

A video posted by Tobi Vaughan (@queen_vaughan) on

They got moves ???????????? @ibk2790 #ibktolani2015 congrats brother

A video posted by MikoRanking (@michaelituen) on

It gets serious on the dance floor!???????? #ibktolani2015 #wedding #naijathings #summer #houston @ibk2790

A video posted by Amarachi Chukwu (@amy_chukwu) on


3. Ibk and Tolani danced round to greet guests



4. Asoebi ladies


#Kemilandfabrics beautiful bride with her friends…. Aso Ebi ladies looking stunning

A photo posted by Aso ebi (@kemilandfabrics) on

My ladies #traditionalwedding #naija #bellanaijaweddings #ibktolani2015

A photo posted by * Tolani AV * (@olanitay) on

???????????? #ibktolani2015

A photo posted by AsoebiAfrica (@asoebiafrica) on

Girls…????☺️ #Ibktolani2015 #Asoebi #YorubaWedding #TraditionalWedding

A photo posted by Lola (@lola.awobokun) on

Bridesmaids #ibktolani2015

A photo posted by Kiitan A. (@kiitana) on

We ready!!! #Ibktolani2015 #bellanaijaweddings #bellanaijawedding @bellanaijaweddings

A photo posted by Lola (@lola.awobokun) on


5. Food


Wedding tingz #ibktolani2015

A photo posted by Matt (@oh_lobo) on

I love my culture. ????. Naija wedding. Naija food. #ibktolani2015.

A photo posted by @prime148 on

6. When the newly weds walked down the aisle

Husband and Wife ???????? #Ibktolani2015

A photo posted by Lola (@lola.awobokun) on

7. Wedding selfies

Some Dutch guys and their schatjes. #ibktolani2015

A photo posted by TBP (@_beerpong) on

Me, @prettysusie__ and the random guy in the background #ibktolani2015 #myFierceFace

A photo posted by AdaChineke (@ms_emezue) on

And then 15 years later! #ibktolani2015

A photo posted by AdaChineke (@ms_emezue) on

And we keep the selfies coming #ibktolani2015

A photo posted by sholafnamazing (@sholafnamazing) on

A family affair. #ibktolani2015

A photo posted by Tobi Vaughan (@queen_vaughan) on

Chandelier is messing up the cousin selfie. #ibktolani2015

A photo posted by sholafnamazing (@sholafnamazing) on

8. The shakitibobo effect at the bridal party


A video posted by @queenchissy on

9. This


A video posted by MikoRanking (@michaelituen) on

9b. Ibukun and Tolani’s DANCE TO Kiss Daniel’s Woju

Part 2 #ibktolani2015

A video posted by Tobi Vaughan (@queen_vaughan) on

10. The ahmazing father-daughter dance!

Awww… Video cred @ironyofashi – @olanitay and her dad did that! Too cute ???????? #ibktolani2015 #Regrann

A video posted by AsoebiAfrica (@asoebiafrica) on


Looking good, even when we’re not ready. Soooooo happy for this beautiful couple!!!! 🙂 #ibktolani2015

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